What Would Gato Say about Trump and Charlottesville

"Unite the Right" rally August 12, 2017 in Charlottesville, Virginia met by Anti_Fascist protestors. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA – AUGUST 12: Hundreds of white nationalists, neo-Nazis and members of the “alt-right” march down East Market Street toward Lee Park during the “Unite the Right” rally August 12, 2017 in Charlottesville, Virginia. Gato: Trump says both sides to blame? (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

In Citizen Cárdenas, Gato expressed his opinions on Castro, saying different things in different contexts. George and Alexia could attest that he spoke on other political topics as well. Indeed, he was a fan of Obama, though at first he didn’t think enough White people would vote for him for him to be elected. So I’m putting myself in Gato’s shoes again to imagine what he would have said about Trump and the ascendancy of White Supremacy during his administration.

The Republican Primaries

Dadi, remember when I tell you Trump was going to win and you say, no way. First you don’t think he come out on top of the Republicans. I tell you, you not watching the debates. I watch all the Republican debates. You hear what he say about the Mexicans. If he go for them, he going for the Cubanos too. Especially you know guys like me. So I know I got to keep an eye on him. See what he do to Rubio, Little Marco? He make vieja ropa out of him, he cook him slow till he shreds like old clothes. Then he go for the big kill, Cruz, say Cruz’s Papi part of the con-con-spir-spiracy to kill Kennedy. He even make fun of Cruz wife. He go after those Cubanos, how I got a chance?

Trump Talks Law and Order

Then at the convention Trump talk about law and order, going to clean up Chicago in one week. I say how he going to do that? National Guard? You know the gangs, Black, Mexican, Puerto Rican they all got guns, you think they just going to let soldiers take over the corners. They gonna start picking them off like pigeons. Then they really have a riot worse than 1968. You know I’m on leave from the Army when King gets killed. Not in Chicago, in Miami. The riot there bad, real bad. I had to lay low my skin so dark.

Now you know I vote for Hillary. I like Sanders better, no matter what they say, he ain’t no Communist like Castro. Either way I  vote Democrat. But I had a feeling Trump win. Some of the guys in the park, they ain’t voting Trump, but they ain’t voting for a lady either. I say, you vote for the first Black President, why not you vote for the first Lady?  I figure these guys and all the other guys like them no vote for Clinton, she not going to win.  I tell them, what you think Trump going to do he win? He going turn the Nazis and the KKK loose. I say to Hector you been in Cook County, you been in Pontiac. The whites, a lot of them with one or the other KKK or the Skinheads. I ask him you mix it up with them in the joint, right? Maybe they not as big as the Lords or the Stones, but what you think if they got the President behind them, not just some white guards? Hector he think about it, but still he say he ain’t voting for Clinton, her old man the one who fill the prisons with three strikes and you out. So it add up, Trump going to win and all Hell’s going to break loose.


See what’s going on since he president. They deport more Mexicans than even Obama. They try to keep Muslims out. Yeah he talk shit about his boy Sessions, but Session doing his dirty work. They going to make sentences longer again, three strikes you out again. Trump tell the police, it’s okay they get rough when they arrest someone and they put him in the squad car. The Nazis and the Klan march in Char-char-lotte-lottes-ville. That white boy from Ohio drive into the crowd killing a girl. Trumps says both sides to blame? When ISIS do this in London it’s terrorism. What? It’s not terrorism when a white boy do the same thing here. But what if that white boy don’t kill the girl with his car? All those Klan and Nazis all  carry guns, auto-automatics. Sooner or later someone going start shooting. Maybe not in Virginiaa, but somewhere now that Trump says it okay, they going to start shooting anyone they don’t like. You see how six of them beating and kicking  the Black dude in the parking lot?

Maybe enough Republicans wake up. They can’t get rid of Obamacare. Maybe they say, they can’t get anything done like lower the taxes, or they think they going to lose in 2018 if they stay with Trump. Who knows?

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