Co-worker Amanda Hayes Reviews Citizen Cárdenas—Reduced Book Club Prices for All

Amanda Hayes

Voracious reader and former co-worker Amanda Hayes

On September 6, 2016, Amanda Hayes, a  voracious reader and former co-worker of mine reviewed Citizen Cárdenas. As she describes, Amanda was a beta reader of my novel during its first draft. Although on she only gave it four stars, please take that in context. In 2016, she reviewed 35 books, only one of which received five stars! And Amanda knows quality. She’s been a Quality Analyst in health care IT since I met her at CorSolutions in 2005.

Amanda’s Goodreads review

I first read the early drafts of this story in 2008 when Steve released a chapter at a time. Between reading the early versions and reading the finished novel, Gato’s story has always held my attention. This is a story about real people with real flaws. This is a story about survival, about caring for our communities, and about relationships. This is also the story of gentrification and its impact on long-term residents.

I stayed up too late reading this story of a Cuban immigrant who was declared dead by Social Security. At times, you will find yourself just as mad at Gato as George and Alexia were. He is very much a one step forward, two steps back kind of cat. Gato is the irresponsible friend you can’t help but love. When things start looking up for him, you cheer. More frequently, when trouble comes around, you grit your teeth and hope it won’t be as bad as you expect.

One of the themes running through this story was ‘whatsoever you do to the least of my people, that you do unto Me.’ This was a story of empathy. I say pretty regularly that ‘no one has any empathy anymore.’ Considering that parts of this story are grounded in truth, it’s nice to know I am wrong.

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