Citizen Cárdenas Garners Indy B.R.A.G Medallion and Online Book Club Four-Star Review

Indy B.R.A.G. Medallion I am honored that my novel, Citizen Cárdenas has been named a reciipient of the Indie B.R.A.G. Medallion, a designation awarded to only 20 percent of applicants. Citizen Cárdenas is a story about people caught in the cross-hairs of gentrification. On the one hand is the protagonist of this story, Cuban immigrant, Vietnam […]

A Resurrection of a Whole Other Kind.

Citizen Cardenas Reviewed in WindyCity Greek By: Apollo Papafrangou Apollo is an Oakland, CA native. He’s a poet, and the author of the novel Wings of Wax available now from Olive Leaf Editions.   Meet Author Steve Cole Author Steve Cole grew up in Roselle, NJ. He wrote for his high school newspaper, and had a column […]

Co-worker Amanda Hayes Reviews Citizen Cárdenas—Reduced Book Club Prices for All

On September 6, 2016, Amanda Hayes, a  voracious reader and former co-worker of mine reviewed Citizen Cárdenas. As she describes, Amanda was a beta reader of my novel during its first draft. Although on she only gave it four stars, please take that in context. In 2016, she reviewed 35 books, only one of […]

What Would Gato Say about Trump and Charlottesville

In Citizen Cárdenas, Gato expressed his opinions on Castro, saying different things in different contexts. George and Alexia could attest that he spoke on other political topics as well. Indeed, he was a fan of Obama, though at first he didn’t think enough White people would vote for him for him to be elected. So […]

A moving social saga of compassion and connection. — Kirkus Reviews

An unlikely friendship forms between a married couple and a disabled veteran in this debut novel. George and Alexia Demas are middle-aged idealists living in Chicago’s Wicker Park. George is a liberal-minded curmudgeon whose belief in the dignity of the common man makes him willing to go head-to-head with the system, while Alexia’s do-gooder ethos […]

Fred Cole Remembers: Moving to Roselle, Archer Cole, Ozzie Beard, Al Pogue

Earlier, I posted Remembering Archer Cole on Father’s Day where I recounted how our father first met Ozzie Beard and Al Pogue on the tennis courts of Roselle, NJ and how that near chance encounter shaped our family’s life in Roselle. Now my older brother Fred Cole recalls the same events but goes into more […]

The Real “Gato Cárdenas” Interviews Steve Cole

I haven’t been fortunate enough yet to have had a newspaper or radio station interview me about Citizen Cárdenas, so I present here the real Gato, our longtime friend Enrique, interviewing me about my novel. You’ll  have to decide for yourself if this interview is a real discussion or more fiction. Sadly Enrique died the […]

Panhandlers or Street Entrepreneurs?

Here’s a short extract from my novel, Citizen Cárdenas, where one of the main characters George Demas espouses on his view of panhandlers as street entrepreneurs in the context of how he got to know Gato Cárdenas, the protagonist of the story. Gato is an often homeless, down-but-not-out, Cuban refugee. The setting is gentrifying Wicker […]

Remembering Archer Cole on Father’s Day

The Memory One of my favorite memories of my father,  Archer Cole, happened not long after we moved from Linden, NJ  to adjacent Roselle. It was the summer of 1957, I had just turned nine.  Our new home on Chestnut Street was across the street from Simpson Field, replete with football field, baseball diamond, basketball […]

Roselle, NJ Map

Roselle Values

Steve Cole believes the community-based values he learned while growing up in Roselle, New Jersey run deep in Citizen Cárdenas. The Borough of Roselle, was sandwiched between four other Union County municipalities, Cranford, Linden (Steve’s hometown until he was 9), Elizabeth, and sports (especially football) arch rival, Roselle Park. In the years Steve lived there […]